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Flood Vulnerability Mapping - Phase I


In response to the increasing cases of flood causing monumental damage to lives and properties in different parts of the nation particularly, Southwestern Nigeria, the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) through her southwest Advanced Space Technology Applications Laboratory (ASTAL), Cooperative Information Network (COPINE) mapped out an in-road plan to assess and evaluate the spatial attributes and factors magnifying the impact of flood in Southwest Nigeria as a contribution to the fundamental data sets, frame, and baseline information required to mitigate the devastating impact of flood. More so, the knowledge output provides instruments to formulate robust and sustainable policies.

Over the years, disasters arising from floods account for thousands of deaths and tremendous damage to properties across the world, displacing tens of thousands of people from their abodes and destroying their businesses. Flood occurs when heavy rainfalls continuously for a long period of time, thus, accumulating water beyond the ground infiltration capacity. This leads to a rise in the water level resulting in surface flow down the slope into nearby ground depressions.

In Nigeria, flooding is not a strange phenomenon. In the last 40 years, there have been episodes of flooding in different parts of the country. These were in forms of channel floods, urban floods, flash floods, back-swamp floods, and coastal inundation among others, and the most recent was the very devastating impact in 2012 which affected more than three-quarters of the States in the country. A study on flood vulnerability would reveal the level of exposure of an area or community to a likely event of flood in that environment. Such studies are imperative for effective and efficient disaster management.

However, there is scarcity of information on the regional study about the subject; such would give a holistic view of flood vulnerability in the different geopolitical zones of the country. Cooperative Information Network (COPINE) has carried out Geoinformation-based researches in the South-West geopolitical zone of Nigeria as part of her mandate. COPINE thus presents the result of her research on flood vulnerability in South-West Nigeria. It is believed that the information presented would help the government at different levels and the general public for national planning, policymaking, and disaster management for an optimal outcome.


The aim of project was assess the flood vulnerability, terrain, and drainage morphometry of South-West Nigeria


  • Delineates the regional basins and analyzes their respective morphometric characteristics
  • Generate thematic dataset in relation to each of the delineated sub-basin
  • Derive flood index, hotspots, and vulnerability rating map of each delineated sub-basin

Key Information

Major Basins
Watershed Maps

Other Information:

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