Completed Project

Natural Resources Inventory and Ecological Land Cover Classification of Osun State At the Scale of 1:25,000


  • The long-term intent of this state natural resource inventory and the associated map series is to provide a base that will lead to the creation of a state framework for an interconnected, landscape-scale conservation and restoration plan.
  • This inventory and map can be utilized to form a key component of all local and state planning efforts related to such factors as land-use, economic development, transportation, water resources, and air quality.
  • In all, the results generated at the end of the day were a baseline data for natural resources and ecological land cover data for subsequent up-date and assessment of the condition of ecosystems and natural resources while compiling consistent baseline information in a usable Geographic Information System (GIS) for use in local planning processes (e.g., forest reserves and urban development plans).

Other Information:

The statistics, datasets, raw images etc. associated with this project are made available on request. Contact us or email us ( for more details.